Ship managment - Special services in Israel

Ship managment - Special services in Israel

During June 2023 we operated a full scale operation for a vessel's crane that was damaged by the port's Gantry cranes.
27.06.23 / 12:13
Ship's crane dissmental and lifting
Ship's crane dissmental and lifting

During the beginning of June- A vessel which we helped with a crew change with
that is not under our main management was harmed by the shore’s Gantry cranes and its .own lifting crane was damaged

We were then asked from the vessel owner's  to take care of this damage and to act as an OPA - Owner's Protective Agency and coordinate it all.

We managed to reduce the costs significantly in about 50% Off the inital price given and not less important - in the shortest time possible. 

Job included - arrange vessel professional Repairman, Audits & inspectors from abroad, supply of gear and materials from abroad and all additional to the crew change.

- All this is thanks to our Truly dedicated team we  have
  that is specialized with operating complicated missions and working 24/7

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